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Why recruit with psychometrics?

Businesses are starting to realise that they need to do more to offer a truly fair selection process. Enter the psychometric test…

John couldn’t help but feel that the giant stopwatch was a bit OTT

Businesses are starting to realise that they need to do more to offer a truly fair selection process. Enter the psychometric test… Of the numerous approaches to recruitment and selection, psychometric assessments are one of the most reliable. For some of the background and benefits of assessment and selection, read my technical opinion on the use of psychometric tests in recruitment, in Sentio‘s day care and elderly e-books. There are many types of psychometric test, some more applicable to recruitment than others. If you’re more interested in a great (free!) psychometric assessment of personality, why not give 16personalities a try!


Why is LinkedIn Important?

As an experienced career advisor, I am passionate about helping candidates succeed. Here’s some free advice…

Barry, before reading my LinkedIn profile tips.

As an experienced career advisor, I am passionate about helping candidates succeed. Luckily, I often write about HR and Recruitment, meaning I get to give you free advice… LinkedIn remains a mystery to many, yet the platform is becoming an increasingly useful tool for those responsible for recruitment and selection. There is now a huge market for clients looking to outsource their LinkedIn updates, usually because they don’t understand what makes the best LinkedIn profiles. So here’s my opinion, published by Sentio, on why you should update your LinkedIn profile. Take a look and see if it helps!

Who are Weir; People?

Why I think improving interactions between businesses and people is the only way forward…

Weir is my name, People are my business.

I have spent the majority of my career providing HR services for some of the world’s biggest brands. I have managed $6.5m budgets, qualified as a Six Sigma Green Belt, and developed numerous talent solutions to address organizational needs. A few years ago, I decided I wanted more than just work experience, and so started the long journey to becoming a Chartered Organizational Psychologist. Here are a few reasons why…

Businesses are not Buildings

I have worked in many five star hotels globally. Most of these hotels aren’t owned by the hotel company, but leased from owners. Our business therefore, was an organizational structure of people, nothing else; the processes, culture, hierarchy – the least important aspect of our business was the building itself. This acknowledgement made me realize that almost all businesses are the same. This led me to ask: if businesses are basically people, then why aren’t we treating them better?

People are Paramount

We hear in the news that we are living longer, yet prolonging retirement due to massive mortgages and non-existent pensions. We are working later, driving Ubers, selling our belongings on Ebay. But if work is taking up more and more of our lives, shouldn’t businesses do more to protect their most important assets? As an HR professional, I know that it is entirely possible to contribute to business success, whilst improving employees’ lives.

Women are the Way Forward

As any woman will tell you, unconscious bias is prevalent. I spent eighteen months of an extremely competitive management scheme being called ‘the work experience girl’. Being constantly interrupted, left out of meetings, and refused the benefits I deserved made me more determined to shift the balance for women, everywhere. Diversity increases profit, flexible working increases productivity, both women and men want to work in more female working environments. It is time for women to unite.

Repeat after me

I care wholeheartedly about making businesses better, for people; it’s my mantra. I completed Masters’ degrees in Psychology, and Occupational & Organizational Psychology alongside my full-time career in HR, just so I could do it better. So now what? Now, I write about HR and Psychology in Business, and coach individuals on securing promotions, negotiating salaries, and owning their seat at the table. I also consult on business transformation programs; a market set to boom in the next few years.

This is just the beginning.